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Tours of Tuscany Pty Ltd was established in 2008 to provide touring services throughout the Tuscan region for travellers seeking to enjoy a truly unique and authentic experience.

The company philosophy and founding principles are based on:

  • high professional standards and integrity
  • high level of client satisfaction
  • high level of flexibility
  • focus on an authentic experience
  • focus on small groups
  • personalised touring package
  • high level of customer service
  • dedicated and passionate staff members

From its inception, the company has adopted high professional standards in all its dealings with clients and business associates. The company is often praised for its standards and the many associated Tuscan companies and traders who deal with us enjoy this high standard of service.

This fosters a mutual understanding whereby our clients are in the unique position of obtaining a truly authentic experience during their tour.

The company directors and staff all have a vested interest in the company and its success. Consequently their absolute focus is dedicated in the achievement of an enjoyable and memorable experience for each client and strive to exceed their expectations.

A measure of the company’s success is reflected in the numerous client testimonials which support the company’s claim to excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

Tours of Tuscany Pty Ltd is an Australian, privately owned family company, registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Our registration number is ACN 81 130 860 089.

Our charter is to service clients worldwide.

Ines Fabris – Company Director


As its managing director I have developed and grown the business from its inception to the successful company it is today.

My business and management skills have developed over a 30 year career with various engineering companies and government departments where I have held a range of positions from general secretary to office manager and eventually senior director. This experience has provided me with valuable management skills, high professional standards and good business ethics which form the structural integrity of the company.

My heritage and inner calling has lead me back to my roots in Tuscany.

My father was born in Capoliveri, on the Isle of Elba in 1931 and migrated to Australia in 1949. My five siblings and I were raised in a warm and loving Italian environment. However it was not until I reached adulthood that I began to appreciate the true meaning of my culture.

I discovered my heritage and passion for all things Italian, especially Tuscany when I visited Italy for the first time. Since that visit to Tuscany, I have returned many times with my family and had the good fortune to experience the magic of a White Christmas there.

My passion for Italy inspires me to share the wonders and the beauty of Tuscany with those who tour with us. Every year, I travel through Tuscany with my clients on our Tuscan Tours helping them discover many of the hidden gems, which Tuscany has to offer.

The focus of our tours is to offer the traveller a journey through the region as a local, not a tourist. Meeting and getting to know the locals and truly living the Tuscan way of life for the period of time they spend in the region.

Throughout their Tuscan journey our clients comment on the fact that they feel like a local visiting spectacular locations in the region; they comment on the many tourists on a strict time schedule racing from one location to another and feel very special that they are living a true experience in the region.

Join us on one of our Tuscan Tours and let me take you down winding roads and into the enchanting towns of this beautiful region: from the beauty, art and culture of Florence to the magic of a Tuscan sunset, from the rolling hills of Chianti to the medieval townships with their many ancient stories.

Ci vediamo in Toscana!  (See you in Tuscany)

Monique Fabris – Touring and Marketing Manager


Raised in a traditional Italian family, I developed a strong connection with my Italian heritage. After graduating in my chosen career of Hospitality and Event Management, I pursued a career in Melbourne in my chosen field.

After holidaying in Italy in 2007 I returned to Australia only to discover that a large part of me was still in Italy. I had an overwhelming desire to return. It took me less than a year and I was back, this time living in Milan! My original 3 month stay turned into 5 years.

During this period I reconnected with my heritage and reinforced my grasp of the Italian language. While in Milan I strengthened my management skills while working with Abercrombie and Fitch.  I also took the opportunity to develop my event management skills by participating in various events throughout Italy.

Having developed my skills in customer service and event management I travelled to Madrid where I worked as an event manager for an English company. My time in Spain was complimented by three Summers on the Balearic Island of Formentera which honed my skills in customer service.

My regular visits to Tuscany throughout these years awoke an inner calling and urge to return to my family roots in Tuscany. My time in Tuscany has developed my passion for the Tuscan way of life and all it has to offer.

After working part time for Tours of Tuscany Pty Ltd I formally joined the company in 2012 and assisted with the development of the company’s marketing strategies and customer service.

In 2013, I became an integral part of the Tuscan team taking our clients on daily tours. My knowledge of the places we visit coupled with my excellent language skills allows me to connect our clients to the local community in a manner that is not normally possible on other tours.

I look forward to the opportunity of taking you on a unforgettable personalised journey through the region creating memories that will last a life time.